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At RE/MAX First we respect your right to peaceful and quiet enjoyment of the property. There are occasions and circumstances however where we will require and have the right to access the property. Reasonable requests and notices will be made for access between 8am-7pm and not on Sundays or Public Holidays.



Circumstances requiring access include:



  To conduct a 'general inspection' of the condition of the property. Usually you will be given a weeks notice.

  To carry out necessary repairs. A shorter notice of 2 or 3 days is more likely and get these done as soon as possible.

  Urgent or emergency repairs may not need any notice.

  The landlord may wish to sell the property, in which case inspections will be required by potential purchasers.

  If the property has been abandoned or if we have good reason to believe it has been abandoned.

  If a tribunal or other governing authority orders access.

  Once you have given or been given notice to end the lease, we will need to seek a new tenant, in which case inspections will be required by potential new tenants on a number of occasions.






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