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Property Management & Our Guarantee

Our skilled and dedicated team are focused on providing a special level of service that will take the headaches out of property investment. Gone are the days when property management was simply about collecting rent. Changes in legislation and the level of service required by tenants and landlords have made property management a specialised division of real estate. The team at RE/MAX First offer a diverse range of skills and experience.


For leasing and managing your investment property, the fees charged by RE/MAX First are competitive and are tailored to suit each individual situation. We are an investment not a cost, as we truly manage your property for you. Once you have experienced our "stress free" management you will become more confident to grow your property portfolio. Our promises to you are:


  • To manage the property as though it were our own
  • To chase arrears as though it is our own money
  • To keep you fully informed at all times
  • To inspect your property a minimum of once every 6 months
  • To disburse your funds into your nominated bank account


Reviewing the investment performance of your property
The investment performance of your property portfolio can be measured in different ways. We understand the importance of "immediate" results, and monitor your rental return regularly. The rental income is reviewed at least annually, ensuring your property reflects current market value.

Furthermore, your investment should provide great results in the long term with capital gain and taxation benefits. Reporting annually on growth and demand in your specific location will assist you in calculating the performance of your investment, and assist you with developing and expanding your portfolio.

Enhancing the value of your property
The surge of properties available to rent has led to a dramatic increase in tenant expectation of rental property quality.  To ensure that your property is leased and your rental return continues to increase, it is imperative that the condition of your property is in line with market expectations.


Our experienced management team, in conjunction with our reputable and experienced tradespeople, will ensure that your property is well presented when leased and properly maintained during the tenancy. We will also advise on renovations, when required.  Regular inspections, market knowledge and a diligent reporting process will ensure your property is maintained in the best possible manner. In this way, quality tenants will be prepared to pay a premium market rent, which, in turn, will increase your property's value.


At RE/MAX First we understand the meaning of commitment and that it is simply not good enough to just talk about the service you will provide, after all talk is cheap. RE/MAX First guarantee to perform the following services for the duration of the time your property is being managed by our company:


We Guarantee:


  We will endeavour to respond to your telephone or enquiry within 24 hours

rightarrow.jpg  We will endeavour to reply to any fax or email enquiries within 48 hours

rightarrow.jpg  Not to make excuses, rather to come up with logical solutions

rightarrow.jpg  To provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis of the rental market value by comparing your property to other similar properties available for rent in the area

rightarrow.jpg  To broadly market your property to prospective tenants, to include your property on our Available Rentals listing sheet, to list your property on property websites including the major websites.

rightarrow.jpg  Where allowable to erect a highly visible and visually appealing For Rent sign on your property to maximize enquiry.

rightarrow.jpg  Where possible to interview and qualify all prospective tenants prior to arranging an inspection of your property.

rightarrow.jpg  To carry out thorough tenant reference checks including tenant database checks

rightarrow.jpg  To sight photo identification for each and every applicant

rightarrow.jpg  To prepare detailed Condition Reports and where necessary Inventory lists as required

rightarrow.jpg  To thoroughly prepare all tenancy documentation in strict accordance with the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act

rightarrow.jpg  To collect all monies, including the required bond payment in advance prior to the issue of any keys to your property

rightarrow.jpg  To carry out regular property inspections and to provide you with a detailed and comprehensive report

rightarrow.jpg  To monitor rental arrears on a daily basis and to promptly issue the appropriate notices to tenants to keep rent payments current

rightarrow.jpg  To review your rent to market on an annual, or as required basis

rightarrow.jpg  To handle the maintenance of your property in a professional manner and in direct accordance with your instructions

rightarrow.jpg  To carry out final inspections in a vigilant manner and to finalise the administration of rental bond monies

rightarrow.jpg  To arrange FREE and no obligation Market Appraisals on your property upon request through our sales divisions.

rightarrow.jpg  To take care of things such as council rates, insurances, maintenance, etc in strict accordance with your instructions. This way you will have a detailed account of everything.

rightarrow.jpg  To act in accordance with the Residential Tenancies Act, Anti Discrimination Act, Privacy Act and other relevant legislation

rightarrow.jpg  To account to you for all rental income in direct accordance with your instructions and as per the Residential Tenancies and Rooming Act.

rightarrow.jpg  To administer all funds through a fully compliant and audited Trust Account

rightarrow.jpg  To use a highly systematized approach to property management use of checklists to minimize and where possible reduce errors.

rightarrow.jpg  To use the latest technology to ensure you always receive the highest levels of service

If we fail to act in direct accordance with this Service Guarantee you simply need to advise us in writing of the problem and to give us seven days to rectify the problem. In the event we fail to resolve the issue to your satisfaction we agree to release you immediately (or as soon as possible) from the agency agreement.