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Selecting the Right Tenants

SellingbyAuctin_Med.jpgRE/MAX First Property Managers recognise the importance of sourcing and selecting the best tenants for your property. In addition we use advertising procedures to gain maximum exposure for your property, use thorough screening processes to select the most suitable tenants and seek tenants who will pay their rent on time and take care of your property.

Our selection process is an integral part of our management philosophy and references are thoroughly checked. Only when an applicant satisfies all our criteria will they be recommended to you, the property owner. We conduct an informal personal interview with the tenants to assist in the selection process. 100 points of identification (i.e.; passport, drivers licence, photo ID etc) is required from all tenants to assist in accurate checking on Defaulting Tenant Databases.

This detailed process culminates in selection of a tenant with a proven history and/or excellent and supportive references. With the right selection potential problems and stress commonly associated with property management are reduced - for you and for us - leaving RE/MAX First more time to help you enhance and expand your property portfolio.