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Caloundra Property Market wrap up for 2018

In this video Karl Rademeyer, one of the Business Owners here at RE/MAX First in Caloundra, gives an update on the Caloundra property market for 2018.


Biggest property market growth sectors in 2018

In 2018, the biggest growth sectors were in the new housing estates, namely Aura, Harmony, and the new Pelican Waters and Marina project. The traditional suburbs or more established suburbs saw a slight decrease in the number of sales which was mainly driven by buyer behaviour based on negative press about the property markets and also the new legislation which has tightened up on many criteria.  We noticed that buyers become a bit more nervous and hence the days on market blew out a bit.

Looking back at the Caloundra property market in 2018

For the first time in many years, we've seen that property prices have peaked and we started seeing a slight downturn in the last few months. In saying this, we strongly believe that we're going to be in for a bumper season, bumper December and a really good summer season of sales in the start of 2019 as we expect buyers to gain more confidence and make some buying decisions.

In saying that, properties are still selling every day. Our office is up by 11% on our figures of last year, so it still means, with the right strategy and the right marketing, you'll still get a good result.

What does the Caloundra property market in 2019 hold?

So despite the sales numbers being slightly down on last year, our Sunshine Coast market is still really strong and we have every confidence that in the New Year, we'll have a good increase in the sales numbers as confidence returns to the markets.

If you have any questions about the property market in Caloundra, please contact Karl on   07 5405 3710 or contact the office.